Yamaha Goes ‘Heads Up’ For 2019 With Release Of Sidewinder SRX LE

Return of SRX, 5 LE spring-only models, electric start Snoscoot highlight enhanced 2019 line-up

March 2018 Feature

Yamaha has rocketed off the line into 2019 with the release of the all-new Sidewinder SRX LE, a snowmobile engineered for top speed fanatics who want the fastest production snowmobile ever built.

The SRX incorporates Yamaha’s potent Genesis 998 Turbo four-stroke motor into a lowered chassis, Camso Ripsaw 1 track with 1-inch lugs and handlebar adjusted electronic Fox iQS suspension. SRX owners will exude confidence knowing their snowmobile is primed for heads up competition.

The SRX is one of five Yamaha Limited Edition (LE) models for 2019, others include Sidewinders in L-TX, X-TX, B-TX and M-TX variations. LE models incorporate upgraded features and graphics and are only available with a deposit during the Spring Power Surge sales program from March 6-April 16, 2018. Further information on all 5 LE models, with their upgraded suspension, unique track options and additional accessories, can be found on Yamaha’s US and Canadian 2019 Snowmobile Launch pages.

The Snoscoot returns for 2019 with the addition of standard electric start, a flashy, new Orange color scheme and more accessories than ever before. The Snoscoot was an instant fan favorite after its debut last year and these enhancements are sure to keep the Snoscoot in high demand.

What’s new at Yamaha is exciting, but what is not returning is big news too. 2019 sees a number of units removed from the Yamaha line to address an inventory imbalance in the market place.

Yamaha Snowmobiles North American Team Leader Peter Smallman-Tew explains, “We want our dealers to have long-term, stable profitability. We can’t control snow, but we can ensure they are selling profitable, current model year snowmobiles. Right now, dealers have too many carry over models, so we need to correct that. One way to do this—an approach we and our competitors have traditionally adopted—is spend your way out by attaching big rebates and miniscule finance rates to carry over inventory. This will sell some snowmobiles, but it devalues the current year models and affects our relationship with our loyal Spring deposit customers. It becomes a race to the bottom, and that is not healthy for the industry. Customers don’t want to buy current year units if those units will lose much of their value the following year because of rebates.”

Smallman-Tew explained further, “For 2019, we’ve made a tough decision to limit our 2019 production to key, high volume snowmobiles and place even more emphasis on our Spring Power Surge early deposit program. These measures will help to reduce dealer inventory and maintain greater value and demand for Yamaha snowmobiles. Our dealers, and most importantly our customers, will enjoy a healthier relationship with our brand.”

Customers keen to get their hands on a 2019 Yamaha snowmobile will want to ensure they place a deposit in the spring, as some 2019 models like Sidewinder B-TX and Sidewinder M-TX will only be available in the spring.

On the topic of spring deposits, Yamaha’s Spring Power Surge program will be even more exciting for 2019. Apart from the usual incentives like accessory credits, extended warranty, and attractive finance rates, Yamaha intends to reward those customers who place a deposit and register a 2019 unit. Each customer will be entered into the SPS Sweepstakes, where they can win one of more than 100 Yamaha prizes, including Pressure Washers and Generators. Not only that, but three ‘Win Your Purchase’ prizes are available to be won for customers who place a spring deposit. More information can be found here https://www.yamaha-motor.ca/products/list.php?group=SM&catId=125 for the Canadian program and here https://www.yamahamotorsports.com/snowmobile-2019/pages/sps for the US

Yamaha is building off a strong 2018 and has boldly stepped into 2019 with the new Sidewinder SRX, an enhanced line-up and aggressive new Spring Power Surge sales program. The time to Conquer Snow is right now.

Complete model information is available at www.Yamaha-motor.ca or www.Yamahasnowmobiles.com.

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