Ski-Doo Adjustable Ski Stance Installation

No tools required, quick and easy

March 2018 Product Tests, Ask Me, New Products, Ski-Doo Steve Janes Web Exclusive

For years all mountain sleds have come with adjustable ski stances … which basically meant a three-quarter inch spacer that you could position on either side of the spindle. However, it was an adjustment snowmobilers would make once, depending on their riding preference, and leave it at that.

            Ski-Doo has now designed an adjustable spacer that doesn’t require the removal of the ski bolt. It’s simple, quick, and makes you wonder why nobody has thought of it before.

            Once installed (which only takes about 15 minutes) you can adjust you ski width by merely flipping up the spacer, kicking your ski either in or out, and then snapping your spacer back down in position. That’s about a 30-second adjustment to give you an extra inch-and-a-half of ski stance. You can go from a wide stance on the trail to a narrow stance in the trees, then back again, without any tools or ride delays.

            After all, what good is adjustability if nobody ever takes advantage of it.


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