Looks Can Be Deceiving

January 2018 Feature Viewed 2258 time(s)

If you were to judge winter by what you see in the valleys of eastern Idaho, well, you might think it’s pretty dismal.

In some ways it is. But looks can be deceiving and, as usual, elevation is everything. Climb up several hundred feet into the mountains in eastern Idaho and while the snow doesn’t measure up to what we experienced last winter, it is indeed winter up high and there is snow. In some places there is lots of snow.

Early this week we rode above Fall Creek in the Caribou Range, nearly in the same spot as we did on one of our first rides of the season (“It Still Beats Being In The Office”) and found quite a bit more snow than that first ride. We spent a decent amount of time riding off-trail and glad there was enough snow to do so.

Note to Mother Nature: We’ll still take more snow so keep it coming.

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