Wir Bekommen Begehrte Tour Von Rotax Fabrik

Published in the December 2017 Issue August 2018 Feature Lane Lindstrom Viewed 1245 time(s)
  • The coating amounts to 300 microns total in all layers.
  • Three gasses are used in the plasma coating process. A special mixture of Argonne and hydrogen are used in the plasma coating torch and a third gas to transport that gas mixture to the torch.
  • Dry ice is used to clean the parts after plasma coating rather than sand blasting.
  • It’s 2 to 4 Euros ($2.35-4.71 USD) cheaper per block to plasma coat cylinders vs. nikasil coating.
  • Rotax officials tell us plasma coating is more environmentally friendly than nikasil coating.
  • Plasma coated cylinders hold oil better and provide for better lubrication of the cylinders than nikasil coating.
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