Several States—One Thing In Common: Snowmobiling

November 2017 Feature Web Exclusive

We learned (or were reminded) once again just what a dedicated and passionate snowmobilers are.

Because of how we at SnoWest Magazine set up the Ski-Doo Summit giveaway this year by having Idaho Snowmobile Show attendees fill out a card to be entered to win and those people having to give an address so we can contact them, we saw just how far and wide people came to attend the show.

Sledders from California, Oregon, Wyoming, Washington, Montana, Nevada, Utah and Idaho—oh yea, and don’t forget the one from New York—came to Boise and EXPO Idaho to see what is new in the land of snowmobiling. And those sledders came from just about all corners of those states. We’re sure we missed some places people were from but we saw enough different locations to be very impressed with the passion of snowmobilers.

Day two of the Idaho Snowmobile Show, sponsored by SnoWest Magazine and the Idaho Snowmobile Association along with Dennis Dillon and FLY Racing and Western Power Sports, was just as fun as the first day. It is fun to see all the new gear and accessories and horsepower boosters and suspension improvements but it’s also great to connect with old friends and hear a story or two about their rides last winter.

We can’t wait to get on the snow. Here’s a look back at today’s happenings.

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