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Any snowmobiler how spends a lot of time in the trees in extreme terrain knows the value of a good shovel and saw to get out of those tight jams. Backcountry Access has designed a “Dozer” shovel that includes a folding saw to help you cut and dig your sled out of a tight spot.

The D2 EXT shovel is BCA’s best-selling snowmobile shovel due to its “hoe” mode, which enables both traditional shoveling and hoe-style shoveling for digging out your sled. The new design has a folding saw inside, making it the ideal shovel for not only for avalanche rescue, but for extricating your stuck sled from tree wells and other hazards.

The 7-inch folding saw is stored in the shaft and includes a stainless steel taper-ground, razor-teeth blade. BCA recommends carrying a hoe-style shovel like the Dozer on your tunnel bag, so if you need a shovel to extricate your sled, then you don’t have to take off your avalanche airbag.

The D-2 shovel and saw retail for $99.95. For more information contact


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