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LED lights are a must!
Many of us ride at night because we can see headlights and taillights more easily, but there’s no denying that it’s harder to see at night. Older riders have even more difficulty, because as we age, our pupils don’t dilate as much, and the cornea and lens get cloudier, making it seem as though there is a constant glare. Contrast sensitivity also declines, which means it can be tough to see animals or other obstacles at night. LED headlights, like those on the new Polaris AXYS sleds and the LED accessory light bar from Ski-Doo, produce a whiter light that penetrates farther than standard bulbs. LEDs also project light in all directions instead of just a single beam. Seeing those deer off to the side is extremely helpful! The Polaris LEDs in particular are 80% brighter than standard incandescent lights, will last the life of your sled, are lighter, more closely resemble natural light, and are always on, so there is no gap in vision that comes from switching from low to high beams.
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