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            It seems that gas cans have gotten harder to use and less functional (thanks to the constant oversight of the nanny state that thinks if it must protect us from ourselves). There are so many restrictions on how portable fuel containers must be designed and how the gas must flow from the spout that we end up becoming frustrated while trying to use them when all we want to do is pour fuel in our power toys.

However, VP Racing has seen our frustration grow and has designed a gas can that meets all the EPA regulations for portable fuel containers while actually making the process of pouring fuel a little easier.

The can features a rotating spout that accommodates a gravity-fed process for fueling your machine. Simply remove the spout cap, rotate the spout down into the fuel tank, pull back the thumb safety trigger and depress fully.

Everything is attached (other than the tank cap) so you never lose the spout or spout cap. The gas cans come in 2.2-gallon and 5-gallon sizes.

The editors of SnoWest Magazine liked how the gas cans release the fuel from the bottom of the can so there’s no tipping. In fact, for our four-wheeler, we could rest the can on the ATV above the fuel tank and pour the gas without having to hold the gas can. The same will hold true with a snowmobile.

There was no spilling of fuel or struggling to tilt the can upside-down to get the very last drop of gas.

The 2.2-gallon can retails for $39.95. The five gallon can retails for $54.95. For more information contact


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