Product Test: Skinz Rasmussen Bumpers

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When it comes to bumpers, Skinz Protective Gear offers a great variety of styles. Skinz have also created some signature line of bumpers, like the Bret Rasmussen bumpers, to capture a unique look or function.

            Last winter the editors of SnoWest put a set of Skinz bumpers on our Ski-Doo project sled. We do a lot of tree riding … and a lot of rear-end lifting. We wanted something that would hold up to lots of abuse.

            The Bret Rasmussen bumpers are designed to create a combination of strength and style for Ski-Doos. They are built to be strong and durable for aggressive backcountry riding. The rear bumper features a reinforced tunnel connection and raised grab bar for extra clearance.

            The aluminum bumpers feature tig welded construction and a powder-coated finish. They come in black, red and yellow.

The rear bumper retails for $199.95. The front bumper retails for $224.95. For more information contact

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