2018 Yamaha: Sidewinder M-TX Gets Some New Goodies

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2018 marks the 50th Anniversary for Yamaha snowmobiles. To celebrate this great accomplishment, Yamaha is coming out with some very cool stuff. First off, the Sidewinder lineup gets a huge expansion. From 153” track options, to a revised chassis similar to it’s Arctic Cat sibling. Second, is the return of the Yamaha SnoScoot. Although, we won’t focus too much on the trail side of Yamaha’s lineup, we will note that this 50th Anniversary also marks the end of the iconic Apex which will remain an iconic sled for both trail and mountain riders. And last but not least, some models will be available with special 50th Anniversary graphics.

Below is a list of all the graphics packages for the 2018 Mountain Lineup.

Updates for the Sidewinder include:

  • FOX QS3/QSL shocks
  • Narrowed running boards
  • Drop and roll chain case
  • New intake venting with pre filter
  • 8 tooth drive sprockets

Yamaha splurged on the handling department for 2018. The LE models come standard with FOX QS3 shocks up front and a QSL shock out back. The QS3 shocks are some of the nicest shocks available on the market today. A simple lever changes the stiffness of the shock from 1 (soft) , 2 (medium), or 3 (hard). This makes for a very user friendly method of shock tuning. It’s almost like having three shocks in one. The QSL has a “lockout” feature to improve climbing capabilities. This technology derived from the high end mountain bike industry.

The Sidewinder’s running boards have been narrowed up to allow the sled to navigate steep terrain with more control. They will be receiving a drop and rolled chain case with 8 tooth drivers for extra clearance and a much improved approach angle to aid the sled in climbing on top of the snow. We noticed a huge improvement with these little changes in our test rides. Each model in the lineup will share all these updates, even the base model MT-X.

For more info on the return of the SnoScoot, click here


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