Product Review: TuffLift Hydraulic Deck

December 2016 Product Tests, Feature Viewed 6831 time(s)

The trouble with snowmobile trailers is that they’re not always convenient and sometimes can be a nuisance, especially in crowded parking lots or narrow mountain roads.

That’s where a good snowmobile deck comes in. Your snowmobiles are literally part of your truck. And TuffLift has created a hydraulic deck capable of carrying three snowmobiles (or whatever other motorized toys you haul).

With a load capacity from 2,500 to 4,000 pounds, the TuffLift is designed to easily load and secure your snowmobile and lift it up onto your truck bed at a push of a button.

Using the best hardware and clamps, TuffLift makes it easy to load and unload, allowing you to stay at ground level so there’s no climbing up and down ramps. It is versatile and can adapt to practically any hauling use. And it allows access to your tow hitch if you need to tow a trailer.

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