New Product: Etec 800 Mountain Performance Kit

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Mountain riding in not about speed, it’s all about response. And response comes from acceleration … which comes from torque. Generating more torque provides the usable performance needed for riding terrain. 

Black Diamond Xtreme has developed the Etec 800 Mountain Performance Kit designed to produce more than 12 horsepower gain in performance. A unique combination of stainless steel Y pipe and muffler, ProCool billet head and Pro Shift clutch kit is designed to increase power and reduce weight.

The stainless steel Y pipe and muffler gain power throughout the power band while dropping 12 pounds of unnecessary weight. The muffler has a nice deep rumble. 

The ProCool billet head is designed to make torque. This power increase is harnessed with the Pro Shift Mountain Series clutch kit. The clutch kit comes with improved springs, adjustable pins, a custom made helix and one last little trick. A special slick shift bearing fits under the driven clutch spring for the most efficient shift possible.

The Mountain Series version comes with the higher compression domes which still run on premium pump gas above 4,000 feet elevation. It retails for $949. For more information contact

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