Dual USB Power Cable Product Review

Staying connected – why worry about cell phone battery life?

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There’s nothing worse than having your phone shut down on a snowmobile ride due to the battery drain caused by the dreaded “No signal.” Yet, the only other option is to either go to airplane mode or turn it off—thus losing the opportunity to receive calls or use apps.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to snowmobile with your phone plugged in, keeping it charged and functioning?      

RSI offers a USB power cable that offers two USB ports that will plug into the wiring harness of your snowmobile and allow you to keep your phone charge fresh while you ride. It does not require a battery.

A built-in waterproof converter creates the correct power charge to allow you to use most devices that plug into a USB port. It is recommended to be installed inside a storage bag or windshield/dash bag where it can be somewhat protected from the elements.      

RSI offers USB power cables with wiring designed specifically for whatever brand of snowmobile you ride. It’s as simple as plugging it in and then routing your wires to your storage bag. It retails for $69.95.                                                          

For more information, contact http://www.rsiracing.com.

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