FXR Ranger Mono Suit Review

We also tested the FXR Renegade boots

May 2016 Product Tests Steve Janes Viewed 4994 time(s)

What goes around, comes around. And for many of us old timers, if we had kept our first snowmobiles suits, then we would be cool today. Because the day of the Mono Suit has come—you know, the 1-piece suit with the retro look.

Most who rode snowmobiles in the 1960s and 1970s know what we’re talking about. The good old one-piece, one-size-fits-all. It was comfortable, roomy and kept you warm and dry. 

Last winter we tested the FXR Ranger Mono Suit, along with the FXR Renegade Tall Boot. Talk about your trip down memory lane. And in a nutshell, this was the perfect riding gear.

Now just because some of the major snowmobile clothing manufacturers have reverted to the mono suit, this doesn’t mean they’ve gone back to old technology. Quite the contrary. Not only is the FXR Ranger Mono Suit made from the best modern fabrics for ultimate protection from the elements, it is designed to look retro while conforming to any body style.  

The FXR Ranger Mono features inner adjustable (and removable) suspenders that keep it from bagging down while still giving the modern sloppy, baggy look. And the freedom for mobility in the suit is much greater than any 2-piece on the market.

We could go into detail as far as the materials used to make the suit … but all that can be found on the FXR website. We’d rather just tell you that this suit keeps you warm, dry and feels much less restrictive than the conventional 2-piece.

The suit has side, chest and inner thigh vents for maximum cooling, pre-curved padded knees and other comfort features that allow you to enjoy your experience. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty and retails between $550 and $620.

Renegade Boots

We also took advantage of testing the FXR Renegade Tall Boot. Although FXR features a full line of boots—many with some of the latest technology available—we opted for a simple, economically priced boot that captured our attention due to its simple, lightweight design.      

The high traction outsole and EVA (ethel vinyl acetate foam found in performance footwear) make a perfect combination for active snowmobilers. Rather than being built with bulk to provide warmth, the Renegade recognizes that the user is already active enough to generate blood flow to the foot region.

The open-ended upper lace tabs make for an easy on/off. It has 600-gram Thinsulate Insulation and waterproof construction to provide enough warmth for when you’re standing around in the snow.

But by being less bulky in appearance, it allowed active riders to move up, down and across the running boards without the fear of losing grip—perfect for terrain riding. The Renegade Tall Boot retails for $119.99.

For more information, contact https://www.fxrracing.com/.

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