Putting The Ski-Doos To The Scales

2017 Summit 850 weighs the lightest of the bunch

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This spring, the big claim for Ski-Doo is that the 2017 Summit is not only redesigned, but comes in close to 25 lbs. lighter. But seeing is believing.

The redesign part is certainly apparent (and works great on the snow). As for the weight, well, that’s what scales are for.

The Summit X 850 has a list dry weight of 441 lbs. Since nobody drives a sled that’s out of fuel, we gassed it up and put it on the scales “ready to ride.” It weighed out at 536 lbs. with 9.5 gallons of gas.

We compared this weight to the 2016 Ski-Doo Summit 154 and 174 models. The Summit 154, which holds 10.6 gallons of fuel, weighed out full of fuel at 546 lbs. It had a 455-lb. listed dry weight.

The Summit 174, also with a 10.6-gallon fuel tank, weighed out wet at 553 lbs. Its published dry weight is 467 lbs..


Wet Weight

Dry Weight

2017 Summit 850  165



2016 Summit 800  154



2016 Summit 800  174



Although we couldn’t find the 25 lbs. of weight savings with the 2017 Summit 850 we’ve been riding, we will attest to the fact that it rides much lighter than the scales show. This is the best stock Ski-Doo we’ve ever been on. And we predict that those who purchase this snowmobile won’t waste too much time worrying about its weight.

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