Arctic Cat 2017: Everything You Need to Know About the 2017 Mountain Cat

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Things are getting wild for Arctic Cat. If you're a sledder of the 80s and 90s, you'll remember the days when the Mountain Cat was king of the hill. Well, Arctic Cat is hoping its new 2017 M8000 Mountain Cat can claw its way to the top.

The Mountain Cat is an all-new package of the M8000 for 2017, with features never seen before on an Arctic Cat. 

2017 Arctic Cat Mountain Cat

  • Mountain Drive System: The driveshaft has been lowered by 1.125 inches and back roughly half an inch for increased clearance of the 3-in. lug track inside the tunnel and front cooler. This also enables the use of 8-tooth drive sprockets (vs. 7-tooth on current 3-inch PowerClaw-equipped sleds). This results in a flatter track-to-snow approach angle for improved floatation, and gets the sled on top of the snow while accelerating as well as improved overall handling.
  • Approach angle decreased by 10 degrees.
  • Less horsepower loss in drivertrain with bigger drive sprockets.
  • Revised running boards are 1 inch narrower per side than the standard M8000 design for improved sidehill performance and ease of laying the sled over in deep snow. 
  • An improved bellypan shape allows the rider’s feet to move 2 inches further forward than the standard M8000 for even greater ergonomic options for riding. 
  • Thinner gauge aluminum on the rear tunnel section (0.063 down to 0.050 thickness), plus strategic new cut-outs on the front tunnel section.
  • Tunnel weight reduction of more than 2 pounds. 
  • Fox Float 3 Evol R rear track shock.
  • Team Rapid Reaction/Response clutches.
  • 153 or 162 3-inch PowerClaw track.
  • Spring Order only.
  • FOX Float 3 Evol ski and front track shocks.
  • FOX Float 3 Evol R rear track shock.
  • 36-inch ski stance.

New M8000 SE ES Model for 2017

New improvements and changes for 2017 M8000 Models across the board:

  • The Mountain Cat represents a 4 to 6.5-pound (depending on model) total weight reduction compared to last year. 

  • Revised FLOAT-ACTION rear suspension features lighter rails for a 1.5 to 2.0-lb. weight savings depending upon track length. 

  • New Torque Control Link engine plate is 0.75- lbs. lighter and stronger than the previous TCL, and incorporates revised mounting to the bearing hub on the driven shaft. 

  • New TPO composite air intake plenum replaces the previous nylon unit for a 1.25-lb. weight reduction. 

  • New ceramic-coated muffler eliminates previous heat-blanket wrapping, reducing total weight by 1.45 lbs.

  • Exhaust pipe mounting revision on 8000-Series shed 0.25 lbs. 

  • New handlebar design is made from a new alloy steel, weighing 0.5 lbs. less than the previous bars while maintaining strength. 

  • New low-profile grip design is 3.7mm smaller diameter for improved comfort and ergonomics. The material is now made primarily of rubber instead of plastic, resulting in a softer grip with enhanced tactile feel. 

  • New FOX 1.5 ZERO QS3 ski and skidframe shocks feature 3-position dial compression adjustability for quick and easy tuning for riding style and conditions. They are rebound adjustable and feature remote reservoir architecture for fade-free performance. (HCR) 

  • Improved halogen headlight reflector optics extends the high beam pattern downward by 5 degrees compared to previous years, improving light pattern aim and coverage.

New SVX 450 (Click for more info)

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