Part 10—Wrap It Up

Project 2015/16 Arctic Cat M 8000 SnoPro Build

Arctic Cat Steve Janes
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(EDITOR’S NOTE: This is 11th in a series of articles about converting a 2015 Arctic Cat M8000 SnoPro into a SnoWest Forums 2016 Project Cat giveaway sled. Throughout the summer and fall we will be working with SnoWest Forum members to build the perfect snowmobile … and then we will give it away to a Forum member at the end of the build.) 

It’s a wrap.

After four months of preparation, installation and explanation, the SnoWest Forums project sled is finally ready to be given away. And as you can tell by the photos, this is one sled that would look great under you.

The final build involved putting on a custom wrap from Fokus Graphics and Design. Jason Mora designed a wrap that would give the Forum sled a unique look. We then turned to Cordell Barnard of Mountain Maniacs (208-681-4810) to install the graphics. Barnard is actually a riding buddy who has such a passion for snowmobiling that he has tried to create a business that would allow him to devote as much time to the sport as possible. Not only is he an outstanding rider, but he understands the ins and outs of snowmobiles and loves to work on them.

Wrap installation can be somewhat overwhelming. There are a lot of pieces and they tend to want to stick where you don’t want them to. It’s nice to have an expert who understands the process and knows the tricks in making sure it runs smoothly.

With the wrap in place, now go out and buy a new set of threads … after all, you need to be just as classy looking as your snowmobile.

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