Adding Fuel Door For Convenience

April 2015 Product Tests Viewed 7875 time(s) Web Exclusive

Last fall we picked up a new lightweight Triton TC 128 enclosed trailer … which is the perfect little unit for hauling two sleds. The TC 128 has always been a company favorite because it’s light, inexpensive and easy to pull around.

However, if there was a drawback, it was we didn’t order it with a fuel door. In the past, although it was inconvenient to fuel, it wasn’t that inconvenient. It was just a matter of dropping the rear door and pulling the sleds back a few feet so the fuel hose could reach.

The hardest part was getting the back end of the trailer even with where the fuel hose connected to the pump for maximum reach (and minimum pulling of the sleds).

However, this spring we decided to just install a fuel door in our Triton Trailer. The cost of a door is about $100 (with shipping). The time involved to install the door was less than an hour. Here’s what it takes to install.

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