Indy RXL Sno Pro

RXL conversion kit for the 1980-1997 Polaris Indy Wedge

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Polaris had a 17-year string of success with its Indy Wedge from 1980 to 1997. The snowbelt is littered with thousands of used Indys priced from $200 to ones in primo shape for $2,500.

Since 1976, the year the RXL was introduced to the track, Polaris people have lusted after that hallmark sled for its design and performance.

Combining the Indy Wedge and RXL is possible in a bolt-on kit from Phil Little Little offers the hood/nose and other products to complement an RXL build, including a hood mount kit, RXL graphics kit for the hood and tunnel, headlight, oval bars and lightweight aluminum IFS skis. A right side oval stirrup is coming. RXL seats can be obtained from Conrad Van Batavia (218-639-1815).

The RXL/Indy hood/nose is made from fiberglass and is available in white, black or midnight blue. The rear opening of the hood will fit pre-1988 small tanks or later big tanks. Graphics will be tuned to the owner’s hood color choice and will fit tunnels with and without rear bumpers. The kit will fit any Wedge with an extruded aluminum bumper.

Hood/nose, black or blue - $639

Hood/nose, white - $555

Duez hood mount kit - $50

RXL graphics - $249

Headlight - $29

Light mount for steering column - $25

Oval style race handlebars - $29

Aluminum IFS skis - $379

Contact Phil Little Racing (952) 935-8833 or

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