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Due to the nature of our business, we get to wear a lot of helmets while doing our job. And to be honest, for the most part, there aren’t many helmets we’ve had a chance to wear that we would consider really crappy. There have been one or two over the years that were worn once and then left on the shelf collecting dust.

One that isn’t collecting dust—at least on a shelf—is our Scorpion VXR70 Off-Road Helmet. We’ve worn our Scorpion helmet on numerous rides since first receiving it about a year ago. The only dust it collects is on the trail as we’ve dialed up a lot of miles wearing this Scorpion helmet.

The VX-R70 has a TCT (Thermodynamic Composite Technology) composite shell that was developed by the California-based company and is a 5-layer blend of interlaced and specially
formulated fiberglass, aramid and organic poly-resin fibers. Without getting too technical, aramid is known for its resistance to high temperatures while having great strength. Scorpion uses anti-microbial Kwik- Wick II liner fabric on the inside of the VX-R70, which is designed to keep the rider cool in the summer and warm in cool weather. The liner can be easily removed and is washable. There are three intake ports across the eyebrow area which allows air in the front of the helmet while four exhaust ports help move the hot air out. There are also five
intake ports on the chin bar for even more air movement.

One unique feature on the VX-R70 is the AirFit Liner Inflation System, which is an inflatable cheek pad system you can adjust to a more personalized fit. More on that feature later.

Another feature Scorpion crows about on this helmet is the shatter-resistant aero-tuned visor. Then there’s the quick-change chin vent and a detachable chin strap cover.


The version of the VX-R70 is the solid black. If you want a little more color in your riding gear, Scorpion offers the VX-R70 in four other versions, varying in color schemes from mild to a bit wild. When we first received our black VX-R70, we wondered if the solid black would attract the summer sun and make the helmet too warm and uncomfortable to wear. One of our first rides with the new helmet was in Moab, UT, at the Rally on the Rocks last year and while it was only mid-May, it was pretty toasty—getting close to 90 degrees F a couple of days.

The all-black helmet wasn’t overly warm and we were glad for all the vent ports the helmet offers. Much of the riding in Moab is fairly slow and there isn’t always a lot of air movement so any way for air to get in and then out is appreciated. The Scorpion helmet did an adequate job of this.

On other rides with the Scorpion helmet where we were carrying plenty of speed, the ventin was ideal. There was one ride late last fall that was a little chilly and we were wishing for fewer ports but that can be easily fixed by wearing a balaclava (which we forgot to take on that trip).

We’ve found we prefer helmets with removable liners (like the cheek pads) for washing. It can get warm riding in the summer and when you sweat while riding your helmet can end up smelling like a gym bag. The VX-R70 has removable liners that we just toss in the washing machine and air dry to keep our helmet smelling fresh.

As for Scorpion’s AirFit Liner Inflation System, one of the Dirt Toys staffers really likes that feature while another didn’t play with it much, preferring to keep the cheek pads in their “stock” position. Regardless, the system does indeed work. A few pushes of the button to inflate the cheek pads quickly increased the size of the pads for a more snug fit if that is what you want. It’s easy to adjust to what feels most comfortable to you.

While all those features are nice, what we most like about the Scorpion VX-R70, aside from its sleek look, is its lightweight feel. It is light and very comfortable to wear. When it comes to a helmet, there aren’t many things more annoying than how your neck feels during and after a ride when wearing a heavy helmet. So the light weight of the Scorpion helmet is most appreciated after a long, jarring ride.

The VX-R70 has an MSRP of $249.95-259.95.

Scorpion helmets are available at many motorsports dealerships or you can visit

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