Snowball Express Rides Again (Real Soon)

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Anyone who attended the Intermountain Snowmobile Show in South Jordan, UT, this past fall and made their way over to the vintage sled display got to see a bevy of beauties. Some sledders have a real talent (and a lot of patience) in restoring old snowmobiles.

One that caught our eye-enough so that it was given the Editors Choice award-was Dustin Sweeten's "Snowball Express" sled. You remember that old Disney classic don't you?

Well Sweeten immaculately restored this old snowmobile to so closely resemble the 1972 Ridgeway Special that you would think this was the sled used in the 1972 Disney movie "Snowball Express."

As Sweeten points out, the movie featured several iconic snowmobiles, including the Ridgeway Special, which was driven by banker Martin Ridgeway in the Silver Hill Annual Snowmobile Race. You can see the sled in the movie clip we attached to this story.

The Ridgeway Special will ride again soon at the 3rd annual Vintage Snocross Race in Fairview, UT. The race will be held Feb. 8, 2014. This vintage sled will compete in the Snowball Express Class, which will feature 1972 or older snowmobiles with two riders. For more information on the race go to

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