Help Protect The Integrity Of Idaho's RV, OHV, Snowmobile, Boat Registration Programs

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Your help is needed immediately to protect the integrity of Idaho's RV, OHV, snowmobile, and boat registration programs.

RV registration funds have been diverted five times since 2010 by the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR) Board, the Legislature and the Governor. We now hear that a permanent diversion of up to 40 percent of the RV fund is being considered by some legislators.

Diversions started in 2010 because of a shortfall in the parks budget. The IDPR Board voted to take $2 million per year for up to five years to operate and maintain State Parks and the RV Advisory Committee reluctantly agreed. However, this year the Board ignored its previous commitment and voted to extend the diversion indefinitely.

This is totally unacceptable. If the Board gets away with treating the RV Fund as their own checkbook, it's a safe bet that they will eventually do the same to the snowmobile, OHV and boat registration funds.

Please help stop this disrespectful treatment of our money. Send a letter today to Governor Otter and ask him to direct the IDPR Board to follow the legislative intent for the use of these dedicated funds.

A sample letter is provided in the attached PDF. Use it as is or change it, but send it or a letter of your own to Make sure you include your name, e-mail address and vehicle of choice: ATV, UTV, RV, snowmobile, boat and/or 4x4.

Do it today.  If this theft of our funds is going to be stopped it is up to us and us is you.  Also, pass this message along to all your friends. We need hundreds of letters going to the Governor over the next two weeks.

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