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Montie Design is helping to introduce a new product to the cold weather motorsports marketplace to solve an irritating and dangerous aspect of snowmobiling. Fog Thief is a new invention produced and distributed by Montie Design that keeps a snowmobile helmet's face shield from fogging up and interfering with the wearer's vision.

John Younts, creator of Fog Thief, points out that the combination of temperatures and wind chill in the teens as well as riders getting a workout creates the perfect storm for a visor that fogs over or even freezes.

The only non-spray solution of its kind, the Fog Thief is a soft, comfortable mouthpiece that channels the user's breath outside his helmet, keeping the warm, moist air out. Made from an advanced polymer, the Fog Thief remains flexible even under extreme conditions of minus 50 degrees F and is compatible with all helmets.

The product is made in the USA and retails for $34.95.

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