SnoWest ProMOD: Tony Jenkins' 2014 Summit XM Turbo

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The SledHeads Facebook page exploded a couple weeks ago with a photo of Tony Jenkins' 2014 Summit. We let Jenkins make the last round of snow shows before taking a closer look at his backcountry sled for the season. 

Tony Jenkins' 2014 Ski-Doo Summit XM 163 Rasmussen Edition

"I decided to go with a 163-inch track this year to cheat when riding with Mr. Rasmussen. With the tMotion you can't even tell that you have a 163. I usually run the 154 to make it easier to maneuver through the trees. 

"All the upgrades that I did to separate this machine from "stock" were things that make extreme backcountry riding a breeze... Rasmussen Style."

Turbo System

"Boondocker puts together a superb product when it comes to turbo systems. The turbo kit that I'm running is a TiAL housing GTX 2860 with Boondocker's external waste gate system, with full intercooler. I decided to go this route for the best throttle response. I will be running around 9 pounds of boost which will give me around 210 tree-bashing horsepower at elevation."


"The Skinz Protective Gear (Rasmussen Edition) extra strength front bumper can take on the abuse from anyone. If you've watched any Schooled vids, you know how I need a tough bumper. The Skinz rear bumper matches up perfectly.

"Skinz Air Frame running boards (Rasmussen Edition) are 1.5 inches narrower than stock. We run narrow running boards to make sidehills seem effortless.

"The Skinz steering post (Rasmussen Edition) is 2 inches forward from the stock XM location. It lets the rider get even further forward of the machine for steep climbs and steep side hills. We're running RSI handlebars with 2-inch riser. 

"Skinz protective gear provided me with a lot of cool products this year, and some titanium parts we're testing. It's really cool to work with a company who listens and works with you and who is so innovative. 

"Jordan Yankee from ArcticFX helped with the red design on my Rasmussen wrap to keep me stylish and young.

"I just added an ARS-FX  36.5-inch front end kit from ZBroz Racing. It allows for higher ground clearance and stronger A-arms while shedding 1.5 pounds. 

"I have re-valved KYB shocks done by Renton Coil Spring with stainless steel dual rate springs on the front of the sled. The rear skid has titanium regressive spring with titanium torsion springs from RCS. 

"The seat is a WRP Rasmussen Signature Series low rise seat. Nearly 3-inches lower than stock." 

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