SnoWest ProMOD: Jared Sessions' Pro RMK

Published in the October 2013 Issue October 2013 Feature

This is not the first mod Jared Sessions has built. And it won't be the last. But it just might be the coolest.

We sat down with Boondocker `s Jared Sessions and Rocky Young to talk about this ultra-unique 2013 Pro RMK.

SnoWest: What all did you do to this sled?

Jared Sessions: First, I started off with a 2013 Pro RMK 163. The first thing I did was add a Boondocker turbo with intercooler, 2860 GPX turbo upgrade with the TiAL stainless steel exhaust package.

I put a custom ArcticFX wrap on the full hood and tunnel. I did something a little different. I also put a tunnel wrap on the underside of the tunnel on the first build of this sled, to help shed some snow and carry less weight.

I put the Dan Adams' Next Level Clinic riding bars on there, with stock grips and controls. It has a Skinz front bumper, Skinz running boards, Skinz rear bumper, Skinz seat, and a Skinz headlight delete.

To keep the horsepower under control with the belt-drive system, I put a C3 belt tensioner on there with modified stock gears (we machined off the outer alignment ring on the top gear to prevent belt damage). I put knee grippers on the console, so I can keep my downhill descents under control. Get myself a little extra traction and a little more control of the sled.

I changed my shocks internals and put all high flow internal pistons with a Fox valve stack to get a better ride. All topped off with the Renton Coil titanium springs and Starting Line Powder Pros to make the thing turn.

For my traction end of the thing, I put a Camoplast 3-inch X3 track on there. Probably the second biggest cheat you can put on a sled besides a turbo. 

All these parts that I put on there, were powdered coated by Ace Powder Coating. Then I added a Patrick carbon primary clutch cover. That was all on the first build of this sled.

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