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Published in the September 2013 Issue
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We now have two solid sledding seasons plus constant summer use with UTVs on our Vision Puresport Look Trailer since picking it up at Look’s Springville, UT, plant. And we can honestly say that considering how many different trailers we’ve used in the past 20 years or so, this one stands out in durabil­ity and value.

We special-ordered our Look enclosed trailer with a few custom features. We wanted a taller height: 7 feet inside to accommodate the taller 4-seater RZRs. It also makes getting geared up for sledding easier with the added head room.

We had it fitted with two propane radiant heaters--one near the front and one near the rear door--to be able to quickly bring the temperature up for get­ting dressed or keeping the trailer toasty to melt off snow and ice from sleds on the drive home.

And we wanted enough length to eas­ily fit five long-track mountain sleds in, so the enclosure on our trailer is just shy of 29-feet from tip of the V to the back door. The box portion is 24 feet long, since that’s the important part. It’s been a great size for a bumper-pull trailer. Our biggest load yet included a 4-seater Polaris RZR, two dirt bikes, two mountain bikes and three ATVs ... plus fuel and gear bags in the nose. We can fit five mountain sleds in the trailer, loaded facing the rear (we’ve been told we could fit six in by alternating them front- and rear-facing, but have yet to try).

The heaters work great. The ramps still function flawlessly (we’ve had cable-assist springs fail and hinges break off on other trailers used for the same duration). The NUDO flooring has withstood two years’ abuse without showing damage or corner peel, even with fuel and oil spills.

We like the standard interior lighting and exterior loading lights, the adjustable-height coupler and the 5,000-pound drop leg tongue jack. The beavertail rear section makes the loading ramp approach very manageable despite being a deck-over-wheel setup. The 73-inch-wide front ramp is easy to drive sleds in and out of without getting near the trailer side walls (and scuffing the side of your sled).

The only issue we have experienced was wind damaging the side walk-in door, but we blame that mostly on the high winds that day ... and Look was quick to replace the entire door assem­bly at no charge.

If you’re in the market for a new trailer this fall, we hope you know where to look. Look Trailers.

Contact Look Trailers at (877) 475-LOOK or www.looktrailers.com.

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