Tis The Season (Part 2)

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 Tis The Season (Part 2)

            It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas . or in other words, winter has finally settled in and the cold weather caught up with the moisture, turning what has been a wet fall into a white winter.

            According to the National  Weather Service, the Northern Rockies is now experiencing a 99.9 percent snow coverage (I'd be pretty hot if I were in that .1 percent area . pun intended). The Central Rockies is at 99.6 percent coverage and The Intermountains are at 97.4 percent (not bad considering all the lower elevations included).

            Although the snow depth charts aren't overly impressive except in the elevations over 8,000 feet in the northern portion of the West, the good news is the snow is starting to stack up.

            Even the Midwest got slammed with a snowy Christmas storm that perhaps delivered a little more punch with some high winds. But hey, as long as the white stuff sticks, we can deal with a few drifts.

            This past year has offered a lot of disappointments and heartbreaks. It has been a tough year for many, both financially and mentally . lots of stress. And for some, these harsh winter storms don't offer any relief. But for those of us who are fortunate to enjoy the sport of snowmobiling, perhaps these storms will provide the foundation for some better times this winter.

            We can only pray for those who are less fortunate . and do our parts whenever possible, to offer a little relief to the stress of life. Who knows, maybe this winter we can introduce someone to the joys of snowmobiling and help them find some relief and diversion from the troubles of life.


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