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           Over the past six weeks I've been buried at work with the three snow shows that SnoWest Magazine sponsors. And during that time most of the staff has been on the dead run putting out fires and tending to deadlines.

            I have to admit, for many who have tried to reach me in the office, all they have gotten was a voice message on the phone saying "sorry I missed your call .."

But now the shows are over, most of the deadlines have passed and my calendar is looking pretty open. So for any of you who feel it's necessary to contact me can feel free to call. However, you will likely receive a voice message on the phone saying "sorry I missed your call . ."

            If you're wondering what's the deal with the answering machine . then apparently you haven't paid attention to what I just wrote. The shows are over, the deadlines past and my calendar is pretty clear.

Translation-I'm going snowmobiling. Catch me back in the office sometime in June.


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