Snow Bike Racing Events For This Winter

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There are a couple of snow bike racing events this winter, both in Idaho. Timbersled's Allen Mangum says everyone is welcome, regardless of whether you bike is a kit or homemade. Any and all brands are welcome.

Mangum said, "Most guys feel racing is scary if you have not done it before. These (race tracks) are not rough snocross tracks that sleds run on. They are designed for the snow bikes and for the average rider."

Below are the dates and descriptions of the tracks and also dates of extra days Mangum plans to ride in the mountains before and after the events. If you are interested in attending the events, contact Mangum at

Flash Point Race

January 26

McCall, Idaho

Located at the McCall golf course in the driving range during the 47th annual McCall winter carnival. This race is put on by Ron Dillon, the promoter of the Big Nasty Motorcycle Hill Climb and is a snow bike specific race.

The Flash Point track is fast paced with banked corners, straightaways and hill mounds to go up and over. There are no jumps, just natural terrain that has been track set with a groomer.

We plan to mountain ride before the race on the 25th at the upper staging area near the Brundidge ski hill at 9 a.m. and also after the race on the 27-28 at the staging area at the end of Warren Wagon Road at 9 a.m.

Sled Fest Race

April 20-21

Sandpoint, Idaho

Located at Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort. This race in Timbersled's local area and is included in the Sled Fest sledding events. However the snow biking portion of the event is factory sponsored by Timbersled and is a separate track from the sleds. The trophies are going to be super cool and will be machined from billet aluminum by Timbersled.

The Sled Fest track is a snow bike specific track that is fast paced and built into the natural terrain of the ski resort. It will have banked corners, up hills, down hills, ditches, side hills and treed areas. Some of it will be track set with a groomer and some will not due to the rugged train.

We plan to mountain ride before the race on the 19th  and after the race on the 22nd at Timbersled's famous snow bike stomping grounds up Trestle Creek Road but will be meeting at the Timbersled shop at 9 a.m. each day.

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