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The questions have been posed: Will this year be an early winter? Will we have abundant snow? Will there be record snow in the mountains?

            Although it's somewhat difficult to prognosticate what the weather has in store for long term, there are a few indicators a person can look at to see what nature expects.

There are several signs that anyone can look for during the course of the day to tell if winter is coming. Here is our list of things you can look for:

Birds. Do they seem to  be lean and mean after exercising their wings during the summer, or are they fluffed up and huddled close together.

            Leafs. Are they clinging on the their brilliant summer green, or are they starting to shrivel into a dry, rustic color and fall from the trees.

            Squirrels. Are they still chasing each other around the trees and across power lines, or are the starting to stash acorns and pine cones in every possible void in a one-mile radius.

            Geese. Are they lounging around the rivers and golf courses acting as though they are annoyed by humans interrupting their social gatherings or are they forming those giant Victory formations and heading south.

            Caterpillars. Are you seeing the green clean-shaven kind, or do you see the ones with heavy fuzz

            So, have you seen any signs of winter?  Have you noticed it's become darker when you're driving to and from work? Has anyone actually checked to see if the calendar has been advanced from that nice photo of Miss July to the other one where Miss October is actually wearing a strategically placed shawl?


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