Outlast Technologies Partners With Yamaha Motor Canada

Winter riding gear features Proactive Moisture Management benefits of Outlast Technology

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Boulder, CO - Outlast Technologies, leader in heat and moisture management, expands its presence in the North American market via a partnership with Yamaha Motor Canada to bring winter riding gear and an all-weather jacket to market for the 2012-2013 season. New products feature six different lines including the Yamaha X-Country, Yamaha Revi Mountain, SnoForce X-Country, SnoForce Revi Mountain, Yamaha Regulator and TRIC Regulator styles.

"Our partnership with Yamaha is indicative of the versatile functionality of our technology from everyday wear to performance products," Heather Manuel, Outlast North America sales and marketing director, said. "We want consumers to experience the extra-sensory comfort that our technology provides, whether they're running errands or participating in activities like snowmobiling."

All jackets and bibs in Yamaha X-Country, Yamaha Revi Mountain, SnoForce X-Country and SnoForce Revi Mountain lines feature an Outlast fleece/tricot lining to keep users at an even, comfortable temperature. The Yamaha Regulator and All Weather TRIC Regulator jackets feature a micro-denier fleece liner, resulting in a personal climate control system for a year-round coat regardless of season.

Men's Riding Gear and suggested retail price:

  • Yamaha X-Country Jacket - $289.95
  • Yamaha X-Country Bib - $249.95
  • Yamaha Revi Mountain Jacket - $269.95
  • Yamaha Revi Mountain Bib - $219.95
  • SnoForce Revi Mountain Jacket - $269.95
  • SnoForce Revi Mountain Bib - $219.95
  • SnoForce X-Country Jacket - $289.95
  • SnoForce X-Country Bib - $249.95
Women's Riding Gear and suggested retail price:
  • Women's SnoForce X-Country Jacket - $269.95
  • Women's SnoForce X-Country Bib - $219.95
  • SnoForce X-Country Jacket - $269.95
  • SnoForce X-Country Bib - $219.95

Boots styles and suggested retail price:

  • Yamaha Glacier Boots - $189.95
  • SnoForce Glacier Boots - $189.95

All weather jackets and suggested retail price:

  • Yamaha Regulator - $199.95
  • TRIC Regulator - $199.95
"We're constantly looking for new ways to exceed customer expectations of our products and Outlast technology allows us to do just that," Bryan Hudgin, Snowmobile Marketing Supervisor, Yamaha Motor Canada, said. "The technology provides an added value that is in line with our core philosophy of combining engineering, ergonomics and environmental sensitivity to create `humachine technology' or the harmonious union between human and machine."

Outlast technology is a proactive moisture management solution that controls moisture before it begins, for increased comfort. It continuously absorbs excess body heat and releases it to maintain a constant body temperature. This differentiates from passive technologies, such as wicking or quick-drying, that provide benefits only after the body has started to overheat and sweat.

For more information and to find a Yamaha dealer, visit www.ymaha-motor.ca.

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