Outdoor Industry Association Releases Annual Report On Outdoor Industry Economy

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In its latest report on the state of the outdoor industry, the Outdoor Industry Association shows once again how important the outdoors are to the United States economy. That includes snowmobiling, off-roading and motorcycle riding.

Snowmobiling is lumped into the "Snow Sports" category so you don't get a real accurate feel for the dollar amount for our sport but the overall number is pretty impressive. For example, according to the OIA's report, outdoor recreation participants annually spend $7.7 billion on gear, accessories and vehicles for snow sports. Add another $45 billion for trip-related sales and the total is $53 billion. See page 17 of the attached report for even more economic figures.

Here are some highlights of OIA's report, "The Outdoor Recreation Economy:"

Economic Benefits:

- 6.1 million American jobs

- $646 billion in outdoor recreation spending each year

- $39.9 billion in federal tax revenue

- $39.7 billion in state/local tax revenue

This comes from the report's introduction:

"Much has changed since 2006 when Outdoor Industry Association commissioned the first economic study on outdoor recreation in the United States. The Great Recession radically altered consumer spending habits, unemployment reached its highest level in decades, and federal and state deficits resulted in massive spending cuts.

"Yet, more than 140 million Americans made outdoor recreation a priority in their daily lives, proving it with their wallets by putting $646 billion of their hard-earned dollars right back into the economy. Even better, this spending directly results in highly sought-after jobs for 6.1 million Americans.

At the core of the outdoor recreation economy is the outdoor consumer, whose diverse interests fuel a robust and innovative industry. Today's outdoor lovers aren't confined to traditional demographics or activity segments. They seek meaningful outdoor experiences in their backyards and in the backcountry. They are all genders, ages, shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and income levels. They live throughout America, and they view outdoor recreation as an essential part of their daily lives. They fill their garages with bicycles, dirt bikes, backpacks, boats, skis, tents, hunting rifles and fishing gear. This is redefining the outdoor industry, an evolution that is evident in the growth of sales and jobs since 2006.

In short, outdoor recreation is a growing and diverse economic super sector that is a vital cornerstone of successful communities that cannot be ignored. Most importantly, outdoor recreation is no longer a "nice to have," it is now a "must have" as leaders across the country recognize the undeniable economic, social and health benefits of outdoor recreation."

The full report is included in the attached PDF.

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