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Don't Lose Winter

            This hasn't been a banner winter when it comes to snow. In fact, in some parts of North America, this hasn't been winter at all.

For whatever reason, expectations didn't match reality. It's not that winter didn't come with cold and moisture. It's just those two key ingredients to making snow didn't come at the same time.

When we got our cold temperatures, the skies were clear and blue. When we got our moisture, it rode the back of warm fronts and erased the remnants of any snow that might have been on the ground. Most of our "winter-like" storms only lasted a few hours and didn't fulfill meteorologists expectations.

So here it is the end of February, spring right around the corner, and many have less than 500 miles on their snowmobiles. What do you do?

Our first suggestion is to not give up on winter. You may have to look a little harder, climb a little higher-but there is good snow out there. You also have the World Snowmobile Expo coming up in West Yellowstone, MT., March 16-18. This would be a good excuse to plan a week-long vacation to West and do some serious riding for a few days. There is good snow in the area and the trails can get you back to some spectacular country.

Face it. If you give up on winter, it will be gone until next December. That's a long time to go without your douse of snow. It doesn't have to happen that way. You don't need to lose this season merely because it didn't come to you. Go to it. It's well worth the extra effort.

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