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Shape Up

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Shape Up

I've never been one to put forth any extra effort to get into shape. Now, that doesn't mean I'm a huge coach potato blog (actually I prefer a recliner). But this time of year I tend to stay camped in front of the TV watching college football and stuffing my face with Oreos.

There is something about cold weather that makes the brain tell the body "it's time to preserve energy and store up an ample supply of fats" to survive the winter. After all, the golf courses are closed, hunting season is over and the snow hasn't stacked up deep enough to be overly inviting.

So there's about a four week window between late November and mid December when all there is to do is watch football and eat junk food.

Well, the other day I saw my annoying neighbor out jogging. Now I know for a fact that he hates to jog. So the only reason he's putting his body through such abuse is because he wants to be in better shape for our first big ride. He is anticipating that I will be pudgy and out of shape so he can ride circles around me.

Well I got news for him. He may think that I'm allowing my body to decay in front of the TV while I consume gallons of carbonated sugar and Oreos . but in reality, I'm drinking diet pop and watching Rasmussen's "Schooled" snowmobile videos.

That's right, I'm gearing up to get my butt off the seat and hang my body over the side of the sled. But while I practice, I can't hang over the side of recliner too far . it's too hard to reach my cookies.           


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