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Failing The Test (Part 2)

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            Last week we talked about the job of product testing here at SnoWest . and some of the risks that go along with it.

            One time we were asked to test a digital thermometer that is attached a key chain. This is a simple enough test-certainly our crackpot crew could hand this product review. So one of our SnowTest riders attached the thermometer to the key of his snowmobile and we went for a ride.

Well, apparently the manufacturer of the thermometer didn't foresee the vigorous jiggles and jolts associated with being affixed to a snowmobile. So somewhere along the ride our thermometer key chain morphed into your basic key loop with a chain that was at one time attached to something. (I guess it could have been worse . we could have kept the thermometer and lost the sled.)

Another time a turbo manufacturer asked if we wanted to install and test his turbo. I asked how difficult of an install it would be. His reply: "It's about like putting in a car stereo."

So he shipped us the turbo for testing.

When I opened the package, I swear there was over 200 parts and an installation
manual about the size of a Los Angeles phone book. And he thinks that guys who screwed up a thermometer test could install this thing?

Well, after collecting dust in my shop for about a year, I gave the turbo to a local snowmobile mechanic and told him if he ever used it to let me know how it worked out. About two years later I bumped into him and asked him if he was ever able to install the turbo.

"No . I could never figure out the instructions. But I did use a few of the parts to repair my car stereo."


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