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Published in the December 2011 Issue White Out & Wide Open—The Blog Dave Moe, Boise, ID
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Dear Editor:

There is a potential article or series of articles that SnoWest is missing out on. Each year you document the shootout, taking representatives and their sleds to locations and perform certain tests and each rider scores each sled.

I would like to see the same thing done on turbo setups. You might have to do four separate tests so each brand is represented.

I love riding. I want a turbo, but the information out there is biased and it seems everyone has the best on the market. Even the SnoWest forums are full of bashing and mis-information. If you look at the forum activity and post counts I think this type of article would be warranted. Right now there are 4,074 threads with a total of 46,562 posts on the four turbo forums.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

(ED-That is an interesting story idea. It certainly would create a lot of comments, I'm sure. To try and make it apples to apples would also be an interesting task. We'll keep your idea in mind for a potential story in the future.)

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