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Annoying Neighbor

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Annoying Neighbor

The other day I was home enjoying some relaxing leisure time just lounging around the house while my wife was out shopping when it happened. You know, the peaceful sounds of fall are shattered by the rup.rup.rup of a two-stroke engine. There's something about the sound of a snowmobile that just draws some men like a magnet.

Almost immediately, I'm out of my recliner and pressing my nose against the patio window trying to look horizontally across my back yard into his. There's not a snowflake in sight, yet he's revving the throttle on his new snowmobile.

I think he could feel my gaze because about the time I managed to smash my face in the right position to see exactly what he was doing, he shut down his sled and slipped into his shop.

Since the show was over, I wandered back to my recliner to resume a peaceful afternoon.

Not 15 minutes later the sound of rup.rup.rup breaks the silence and once again I'm out of my recliner searching for another window which gives me clear view of what he's doing. But the trouble with the configuration of my house and the activities in my neighbor's back yard is that there is no straight line of sight. I have to look sideways out any window . which means once again my face is pressed flat looking out.

Once again, somehow sensing an extra set of snooping eyes, he shuts down his sled.

This goes on three different times, with the same reactions from my end, before he rolls his sled into his shop and disappears into his house. Now I'm finally left in peace and quiet-perfect for working in an afternoon nap.

But about then my wife returns home and notices face prints on three of her clean window.

I spend the rest of my day cleaning windows and cussing an annoying neighbor.



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