Watch How An ABS Avalanche Pack Is Assembled-This Is Kind Of Cool

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Lori Zacaruk shared this video link with us which shows how an ABS Avalanche Pack is assembled. It's kind of interesting to watch.

Zacaruk said, "Just like risk management on the job site, managing risk in avalanche terrain is a combination of deliberate actions guided by training and experience along with the appropriate level of PPE or safety gear. Many people consider transceivers, shovels and probes as safety tools. In reality these items do not keep you safe ... they only help to minimize a bad situation. Of course, the real objective is to not get caught in the first place."

"The best safety tool is sitting on your shoulders. Be sure to invest in this PPE. The payoff is priceless."

Check out this short video clip to see how an ABS avalanche pack is assembled and get a glimpse of the new silicone impregnated fabric used for the airbags this season.

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