Thacker Update:

Getting back on two feet

Published in the October 2011 Issue White Out & Wide Open—The Blog

Monster Energy/Slednecks athlete Paul Thacker was seriously injured in late 2010 with a back injury that left him with little or no feeling from the chest down.

Since then, Thacker has had an amazing rehabilitation process and has been able to attend several events, keeping close ties with his favorite sports.

Thacker sent us this update at the end of August:

Hello all! Its PT checkin' in!

Wow things are crazy as usual. I have been traveling all over. I have been doing physical therapy daily and rehab like you read about. Things are really going well. Things are improving and I am doing my best not to let this injury slow me down one bit.

I was able to get to Craig Hospital and trial the eLEGS. Berkeley Bionics has developed an exoskeleton that helps people in my similar situation actually get up and walk! I spent a week walking around and getting used to the device. Very cool for sure. I am looking forward to working with Berkeley again in the future in some sort of ambassador aspect. Not going to lie, I rather enjoy walking around!

After Denver I was able to sneak over to LA for summer X Games. Summer is always a great time to relax and take in the events without the pressure of actually competing like we have at Winter X. This year was no different. Great to catch up with friends and get a chance to check out how far everything is progressing. It's is pure insanity now. The athletes in every sport are pushing the limits like we have never seen. Crazy!

After Summer X, I headed back to AK where I currently am. Enjoying this great state and wishing we would get a little more sunshine than what we have seen. But staying busy with the gym and trying to stay in the best shape I can. I have been mixing in a bit of fun and lake time as well.

Very much looking forward to this new upcoming season. Things may be a little bit different for me at the moment but I plan in tackling it head on. We have all kinds of things in the mix already. Shows, events, definitely planning on being at Winter X in an athlete capacity as well as several other ideas brewing! Hay Days is right around the corner and I will be there in body and spirit. Can't wait!

Until next time, keep ripping!

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