Great Bikes of Fire

Published in the October 2011 Issue Sledheads
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If your summer didn't involve a machine going down in flames in your driveway, you probably had a better summer than MotorFist's Brad Ball, who sent us this text back in August:

Speaking of the economy going down in flames... I think I will join the party. I decided to go for a bike ride 2 days ago. I am not a bike rider. But everyone said, "You own a motorsports store, sell sled clothing, you need to ride a bike." So I bought a `76 Kawasaki 900. I guess a good fast vintage bike.

Well I was starting the bike in my shop but needed to jump the battery because I never ride the POS. Something with the charger and the bike didn't jive. It ignited.

I damn near burned my shop down and then had to push the damn thing, while on fire, out my shop door. That also took some courage.

When I got it out I thought I should put it out. But then I thought, I don't ride bikes. I sure as hell ain't gonna buy another one so ... I sat patiently while I watched that sucker burn to the ground. Then I put it out about the end of the scene just so I said I did.

This was my first. And last bike. May she rest in peace.

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