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Published in the September 2011 Issue White Out & Wide Open—The Blog
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I know most of you have probably heard of Rain For Rent. Well, there's a new service on the market: Lane For Rent. This new service is similar to Rain For Rent except that when you use Lane For Rent, it's just about guaranteed to snow if I go along.

I'm not really bragging or complaining, but lately it sure seems like when I head out to snowmobile and I pack my camera along, it's bound to snow.

It seems like the last few travel feature trips I've gone on it has snowed and snowed-at least when I take my camera. On the few occasions when I have left my camera at the office, it has been bluebird skies and you could see forever.

Here are just a few examples of what I'm talking about.

Rabbit Ears, CO, two winters ago: I was pretty excited to ride Rabbit Ears as I'd never been there before. We didn't even unload, though, because it was a raging blizzard. You couldn't even see across the highway.

Rabbit Ears, CO, one season ago: I was determined to ride Rabbit Ears and this trip proved to be a little better as it only snowed one day of the two we rode there.

South Fork, CO, one season ago: It snowed one day of the two we rode there, although the mountains were a little obscured the one day it didn't snow and definitely obscured the second day. That was some incredibly deep snow, though, and had we had some visibility, well ..

Grangeville, ID, last winter: We rode this area one and a half days last winter and it snowed just about every minute we rode. The folks I rode with swear there are mountains around Grangeville and I guess I believe them but I never saw them.

Central Oregon (west of Bend near Mt. Bachelor), two seasons ago: Rode here one and a half days too, and never once did I actually see Mt. Bachelor, the centerpiece mountain in central Oregon. Of course, the snowstorms obscured most other mountains as well.

I heard the riding was phenomenal right after I left. Lots of new snow and blue skies.

Indian Creek, WY, last winter: This was a late season ride (April 27) and the only thing that kept this from being one of the best rides of the season was some snowfall early in the day and low clouds. The clouds lifted later in the day and it was amazing.

I could go on and on but I think you get the picture.

And I know what you're saying, "Well Lane, this isn't rocket science, just leave your camera at home." I hear you but I also hear the powers to be here at the office who say, "You need to come back with good photos."

So I pack my camera along and hope for the best.

You don't know how many times I've heard, "Wow, the riding was awesome right after you left." If those people were trying to make me feel good, well . I guess maybe I should take credit for providing them with such good riding conditions.

Remember, Lane For Rent.

Don't think I'm complaining about the snow. Not hardly. You've rarely ever heard me complain about snow. I love the snow. I'll even put up with it as it's falling on me while I'm riding, trying to take in the views of the amazing scenery in the West and cocked and ready to shoot (with my camera) if there are any breaks in the clouds.

So next winter when you're looking at the weather patterns in the West and you see a storm brewing and snow is predicted you can just about bet that's where Lane is riding. With his camera. Lane For Rent.

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