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White Out & Wide Open—The Blog Steve Janes
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I'm looking forward to next week's 50th Anniversary of Arctic Cat in Thief River Falls. I was there for the 25th Anniversary . and I hope to be around for the 75th. It's a great milestone for Cat, which has facilitated years of enjoyment for me via their product.

            Also, I'm looking forward to the drive to Thief. I don't fly for various reasons. You can call it my own personal "no fly" list. I like driving. I like seeing the land as it lays out . the geography of things. And I like being behind the wheel, not wedged between two fat guys and behind a screaming 3-year-old who don't understand that his ears will eventually pop.

While driving, I like the opportunity to study the mountain ranges along the way. Through Montana alone are the Gravelly Range, Madison Range, Bridger Range, Beartooth Range and the Crazy Mountains. In North Dakota I have the . uh, well, there's that big buffalo on a mound of dirt.

The 50th Anniversary also provides the opportunity to meet and mingle with other snowmobilers killing time during the summer. And Cat has planned two days of non-stop activities like factory tours, demo rides, displays, music, etc. Of course, this leads to hours of standing in line in 90-plus F temperatures . just to get to the porta-potty.

This is an event where friends from the north (Roseau) put differences aside and drive down to enjoy the festivities (primarily sitting at the beer garden until they pass out from either heat stroke or alcohol abuse). There will be more green there than at a Saint Patty's Day Parade.

So if you get a chance, slip on over to Thief and say hi. I'll be the short fat guy with white legs wearing green shorts. That sounds like finding a needle in a hay stack.

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