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JUNE 16-Remember that old movie where the boy stashed a snowball in the family freezer during the winter with a diabolical plan to pull it out at smack his longtime antagonist in the head during the summer when least expected. Well, that's what a mid-June snowmobile news letter represents-that frozen snowball for summer. (Actually, if you remember the movie, when that perfect day comes to retrieve the snowball and smack the arch rival in the head, the boy realizes that his mother had cleaned the freezer months ago and thrown out the snowball. So the boy went out and spit on the guy.)

So it's June. Most sleds have been long ago tucked into storage (although we have kept a couple out for some extreme late season rides). And here we are talking snowmobiles. Perhaps you may want to take a moment to stuff your head in a freezer to get your brain at a winter functioning temperature.

Around the office, things are pretty much in summer mode. Lane is finally unpacking his suitcase from a long season of travel (some of his socks have taken on their own personalities-he doesn't know whether to try and wash them or just let them run wild). Ryan shows up on payday and whenever Robin brings donuts. He claims he's been working from home . but that's hard to believe since he never does work when he's been in the office. Our two graphic artists have spent a great deal of time working on their latest designs for a tattoo they plan to get for a body part they don't plan to show. As for sales, well, we're not quite sure what they have been doing . but we are noticing a lot of stuff disappearing around the office and showing up on Craig's List.

So what's happening in the snowmobile industry? The atmosphere out there is that this has been a great snow season and there's a lot of optimism going into next fall. With that said, in the back of everyone's mind is SnObamanomics (what role will politics and the economy play as we enter next season). Time will only tell.

Some of the quick links we're offering provide easy access to news-such as a look at an Avalanche Survey designed to help the industry understand more about the dangers of winter. Next month we're looking for a sun screen survey to challenge the dangers of summer.

Also in the news is the welcomed story of snowmobile sales actually increasing this past winter. Sometimes we feel like a yo-yo around here. But it's always nice to be on the upside of the yo. As for an update that has generated a lot of interest during the spring, everyone's keeping an eye on Arctic Cat's new line-particularly the ProClimb 800. Again, we'll keep you updated.

Finally, here's what's going on in the Forums.

There's an interesting thread entitled "If we rode snowmobiles on the internet." It's always fun to see some of the sarcasm that floats around online. Although an open forum deals with real people who may not have a lot of talent to express themselves with words, there's a lot of subtleties in just a few words.

Another thread "Lack of morals" sort of gives you a take on what people are thinking about what's going on in this country. Some choice words of wisdom here.

Also, there's a great 4-minute video of Jay Mentaberry carving through some awesome powder . just what we need to get through summer. I just want to know who pushed him off the cliff-awesome jumps.


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