Friends Of Snowmobiling Political Action Committee Supports Recreational Freedom

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By Ed Klim


Haslett, MI - The Friends of Snowmobiling Political Action Committee (FOSPAC) was initiated by the snowmobile community in response to our desire to continue the family snowmobiling tradition we have created here in the United States. Snowmobiling access is consistently under attack and demonized by members of the environmental and anti-freedom groups across the country.


An important ingredient in keeping our recreation of choice vibrant is to participate in the U.S. political system. Our political system allows and requests all Americans to participate actively in their government and in the selection of those individuals whom represent our beliefs and philosophies in Washington DC. Our federal elected Representatives and Senators should be our voice in Washington DC when policies are introduced that impact on our lives. Those same federal elected officials have oversight responsibilities on the various agencies that have an impact on snowmobiling. Those agencies include but are not limited to: Department of the Interior, National Park Service, the US Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, etc.


The Friends of Snowmobiling Political Action Committee serves as a vehicle enabling us to contribute personal funds in a collective nature to support federal political candidates.  All of the funds collected are then presented to candidates that presently serve in the U.S. House of Representatives or Senate or those who wish to serve in that capacity and are "Friends of Snowmobiling." FOSPAC supports individuals who share our values and support responsible recreational access and freedom to enjoy our public lands.


In many ways, our freedoms are being attacked and this is an important time to challenge those that would take away your freedom. We encourage you to donate any amount you can to FOSPAC and be rest assured the money will be assimilated with other FOSPAC contributions and be put to good use supporting federal candidates who support our freedoms and enjoyment of the great outdoors on our public lands.


The 2012 elections will be very important and your participation in FOSPAC will be helpful. Please fill out the form below and send it back with your contribution to:


Friends of Snowmobiling Political Action Committee

1640 Haslett Road, Suite 170

Haslett, MI 48840


Elected officials make decisions that can affect our lives and our livelihoods. Their decisions influence everything from the size of our tax bills to land preservation, to the course of our industry and recreation. Decide now to tell them we are listening and that we want them to listen as well.


The Friends of Snowmobiling Political Action Committee is a registered multi-candidate political action committee that supports candidates for federal office.  Through your voluntary contributions you can make your voice heard in the halls of Congress.


You can contribute to the Friends of Snowmobiling Political Action Committee by sending a personal check.  Your contribution will be pooled with others to be distributed by the committee. 


Contributors to the Friends of Snowmobiling Political Action Committee are restricted to citizens of the United States.  Contributions will not be accepted from corporate funds, federal contractors or individuals who have exceeded federal contribution limits.


The Friends of Snowmobiling Political Action Committee provides voluntary financial support to federal political candidates and committees espousing or reflecting policies and principles supporting the growth and development of the snowmobiling industry.  Employees and Members are free to refuse to contribute without reprisal.  Contributions to the committee are not deductible for income tax purposes.

Friends of Snowmobiling Political Action Committee

My personal check for $____________________ is enclosed, payable to Friends of Snowmobiling Political Action Committee.


Please use my contribution at the Friends of Snowmobiling Political Action Committees discretion.


I  I  I




Home Address:_____________________________________________________


City:____________________________ State:__________  Zip Code:__________


Phone: (Home) _______________________  (Office) ______________________






Please supply the above information it is required by the Federal Election Campaign Act.


Corporate contributions are prohibited by law.  Contributions are not considered charitable contributions for income tax purposes.  All contributions are subject to the restrictions and prohibitions of federal election laws.








Fill out and return form and personal check to:


1640 Haslett Road, Suite 170

Haslett, MI  48840


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