Who Was The Real King Of The Hill?

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We looked over the year end points totals from the Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Hillclimb Association and did a little math because we were curious just who was the real King of the Hill-at least sled-wise.


Here's the breakdown of year end points championships from a snowmobile brand standpoint. In calculating the following totals, we included every class except Juniors.

Year End Points Champions - All Classes (except Juniors)
                                    1st                  2nd                3rd                  Total
Arctic Cat                    5                     8                     9                       22
Polaris                        12                    6                     2                       20
Ski-Doo                       2                     7                     10                     19

Year End Points Champions - Pro Classes Only

                                    1st                    2nd                    3rd                    Total

Arctic Cat                      2                      6                      6                      14

Polaris                          10                    3                      1                      14

Ski-Doo                         0                      3                      5                      8


Keith Curtis, who absolutely tore it up this season on the RMSHA circuit, was named Racer of the Year. He won five high points championships.


On the women's side, Amy Zollinger cleaned up there, taking all three year end points titles.


For individual year end points champions, go to http://www.rmsha.com/index.php?option=com_jpormsha&view=seasons&Itemid=80


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