Help Save Snowmobiling In NW Wyoming, Cooke City Area

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It was brought to our attention that there is a movement on to plow Highway 212 between the Pilot Creek Parking Area and Cooke City, MT. If that were to happen, an important snowmobile trail for that area of Wyoming and Montana would effectively be closed and along with it, access to some excellent snowmobiling off-trail in the area.


Residents and snowmobile club members fear that if the plowing is allowed to move forward, the trail system in the area would be closed. Not only does that impact snowmobilers who love the high mountain riding offered there, but it will negatively impact winter business in Cooke City and Cody, WY.


More detailed information is available in the attached PDF.


Snowmobilers everywhere are asked to contact the folks listed below and voice your opposition to plowing Highway 212. Be sure to do it as soon as possible as there is a meeting scheduled for May 20 on the issue.




Bucky Hall - Park County Wyoming Commissioner -

Joe Tilden - Park County Wyoming Commissioner -

Dave Burke - Park County Wyoming Commissioner -

Loren Grosskopf - Park County Wyoming Commissioner -

Tim French - Park County Wyoming Commissioner -

Claudia Wade - Park County Travel Council -

James Klessons - Forward Cody -

Bert Miller - Wyoming State Snowmobile Association Vice President -

Brad Hill - Wyoming State Trails Program Manager -

Pat Childers - Wyoming State Representative -

Sam Krone - Wyoming State Representative -

Hank Coe - Wyoming Senator -

Dan Wenk - Yellowstone Park Superintendent -

Marty Malone - - Park County Montana Commisioner -

Robbie Holman - Montana  Snowmobile Association President -

Scott Herzog - Montana Snowmobile Association Vice President -

Donna Rowland - Cooke City Chamber of Commerce Executive Director -

Joe Alexander - Shoshone Forest Supervisor -

Terry Root - Shoshone Forest District Ranger -

Bruce McCormmick - Wyoming Highway Commission -

Nancy Tia Brown - Cody Wyoming Mayor -

Cody Beers - Wyoming Department of Transportation District 5 Public Involvement Specialist -

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