The Mountain Nytro's New Shoes

Fun changes to 2012 lineup

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"Long the lone four-stroke sled in the mountains, Yamaha will have some competition this season from Arctic Cat. Yamaha obviously has a head start on the Cats but it will be interesting to see which comes out on top.

Everywhere the 2012 FX Nytro MTX 162 touches the snow, it has new shoes, thanks to an all-new track and skis.

Yamaha will again offer three models for mountain riding: FX Nytro MTX 162, FX Nytro MTX 153 and Phazer MTX.

Yamaha zeroed in on four areas on the Nytro MTX 162 for the 2012 model year: A new track, new skis; a new seat and new extrovert drivers. The Nytro MTX 153 didn't see all those changes but it did get three of the four changes, minus the new track. Here's a look at each new component.

Ascent 15x162x2.25-inch track - The Ascent, which replaces the Maverick track on the 162, was designed with a single purpose: to hold up better on sleds that are boosted (i.e., supercharger or turbo). Yamaha's reasoning why the 162-inch track would be more ideal to beef up than the 153 is the majority of riders who boost a sled do so on the model with the longer track.

"The smallest sled in Yamaha's mountain lineup is the Phazer MTX..

To accomplish that goal of making a more durable track, Yamaha, along with track maker Camoplast, had to answer the question, "How can we stiffen up the track without compromising its powder riding capabilities?" All while not adding any weight to the track and therefore the sled. As for the weight goal, there is no weight difference between the new Ascent and the Maverick. The Ascent is a single-ply track, just like the Maverick.

Yamaha says it stiffened up the lugs by how the track is constructed. To accomplish that, Camoplast made the lugs "beefier" where they meet the track and then gradually tapered toward the tip of the lug, a familiar theme for 2012. The tapered lugs are more ideal for powder riding than stiffer, thicker lugs and, Yamaha says, offer better track lug memory, meaning, in part, the lugs won't curl or lay over as easily.

Yamaha is using a 3-inch pitch on the track for more lift and acceleration. The track is fully clipped, which should be easier on the hifax.

MT9 Mountain Skis - What had been available as an aftermarket item from Yamaha the past couple of seasons is now stock on the MTX 162 and 153. The blow-molded ski is 1.8 lbs. lighter than the stock ski found on the 2011 MTX models and, Yamaha claims, reduces steering effort on its mountain sleds.

Extrovert Drivers - The new driver features single-piece construction versus the previous design which used two pieces. The single-piece design and construction accomplishes two things: reduced noise and vibration. You know a sled's engine is pretty darn quiet when complaints about noise start coming regarding the track area.

This is Yamaha's remedy to taking as much noise as possible out of the track and its components. The drivers for the MTX are 7-tooth.

New Seat - This new seat is the same shape and size and will probably feel the same to anyone who has ridden a Nytro MTX the past couple of years. The change is in the seat foam, which is a little stiffer and has anti-sag properties, meaning it will have a "better memory" and be more consistent for a longer period of time.

Simply put, your butt won't leave a lasting impression, so to speak, like it might have on previous seat models. The seat cover material was also redesigned to be more resistant to ripping or stretching.

Yamaha's other mountain offering, the Phazer MTX, returns essentially the same for 2012, with the addition of replaceable bearing wheels in the rear suspension. Making the wheels replaceable helps reduce the maintenance costs for this model. 


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