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Hand Guards

RSI Hand Guards are the ultimate in hand protection for your snowmobile. These hand guards will deflect the cold wind from directly hitting your hands, allowing you to use a thinner glove and still have warm hands.

There is a one year "No Questions Asked" warranty and they are available in black, white, red and blue. Mounting kits are sold separately. Retail price is $29.95.  

Contact RSI Racing (952) 225-0452 or      


NEKKR Neck Protection Device

NEKKR is the ultimate protection from the elements, allowing you to stay out longer than ever before. No more snow on your neck. No more snow in your jacket collar. No more frostbite. No more frozen zippers.

NEKKR's specialty waterproof, windproof material lets riders stay out all day regardless of the weather conditions. Unlike a Balaclava and other similar devices, NEKKR attaches to your helmet instead of the face, keeping your face dry and warm. NEKKR's design also allows for fresh air flow and reduces and/or eliminates lens fogging in your goggles as it won't make your head sweat. A powerful magnet attaches to a NEKKR pin on your jacket and holds the NEKKR in place while riding so it will not fly up.

Now available in six different colors, including black, white, red, navy, digi-camo and metallic.

Contact NEKKR (970) 870-3060 or


Tailgate Cable Extension Links

Rider Tailgate Accessories has developed an innovative new truck accessory which makes loading and unloading powersport vehicles both safer and easier. When added to the existing tailgate support cables on your truck, Tailgate Cable Extension Links allow the tailgate to be lowered past 90 degrees. Lowering the tailgate decreases the steep angle of loading ramps and makes loading ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles and the like safer and easier.

Installation is a snap. The extension links are installed by simply detaching the ends of the tailgate support cables from the bedside and inserting the extension links between the support cables and the bedside. Tailgate Cable Extension Links are constructed to allow the tailgate to be lowered without the tailgate contacting the bumper. The amount of tailgate drop varies from 3 to 5.25 inches, depending on the truck.

This patent-pending product is the only product on the market that lets consumers lower, and use, their tailgate in a position that is lower than the conventional open position.

Made in the USA, Rider Tailgate Extension Links are engineered for strength and performance.

Contact Rider Tailgate Accessories (801) 678-1405 or


Vertical Attack Jacket

FXR Mountain is pretty excited about its new jacket, the Vertical Attack Jacket, which offers a guaranteed dry ride for three years. An advanced venting system helps keep the rider dry from the inside out and from the outside in.

FXR Mountain's exclusive radial dry vent system accomplishes two things. While controlling rider temperature by allowing maximum airflow, the exclusive FXR Dry Vent Mesh prevents snow ingestion while the vents are open. This crucial air circulation allows moisture vapors to escape the jacket before they condensate and soak the inside of the jacket.

FXR has a western hub for all product repairs to ensure fast turnaround. Engineered features like increased stitch counts, triple stitching in critical areas, welded seams and heavy-duty zippers ensure a long-lasting, top-performing product.

The jacket retails for $259.99.

Contact FXR (866) FXR-WEAR or


K MOD Gen II Coupling Suspension

K MOD's Gen II is a coupling suspension, a must with high horsepower and turbo sleds to keep the front end down. The Gen II offers long travel for a smooth ride and is available with Fox Float and Fox Evol shocks or the new Raptor coil over shocks with computer designed dual rate springs. The suspension allows the rider to adjust transfer in seconds on the trail.

The Gen II is available for Yamaha, Arctic Cat, Polaris and Ski-Doo sleds with prices starting at $1,195 with a full turn key skid starting at $2500.

Contact K MOD (208) 681-0348 or


Gizmo Polaris Enhancement Kit

With three years of design and development in the bag, the Gizmo stops super cooled coolant from reaching the engine, enhancing the engine's longevity and horsepower.

Mounting the inline 130-degree thermostat in the return hose from the tunnel coolers, along with the hot coolant bypass, stops the cold coolant from hitting the engine. Installing the hot coolant bypass allows the water to continue to circulate until it reaches at least 130 degrees F. The inline thermostat then opens, allowing preheated coolant to enter the water pump and begin to circulate through the engine and the coolers.

In deep snow conditions and extreme cold, when the coolant is rapidly cooled below the optimal operating condition, the inline will close and the bypass will preheat the coolant to the proper temperature.

Contact Redneck Racing (307) 734-7674 or

Rattler, Cobra Available At Cat Dealers

Snobunje's patented sled extraction and pulling tools, the Rattler and Cobra, will be distributed by Arctic Cat dealers this season. The pulling tools aid riders in getting unstuck and add an extra 300 lbs. of pulling force to a stuck sled.

"We're excited about working with Arctic and feel Snobunje products are a great fit for Arctic Cat riders," Snobunje director of marketing Rick Crabtree said.

In addition to Arctic Cat, the innovative and patented pulling tools are now available at Yamaha and Polaris snowmobile dealers as well as online.

Contact Snobunje


Polaris Mod Pro Better Boards

New from Snowmobile Better Boards are running boards for the new Pro chassis. The boards offer a perfect fit that runs the entire length of the stock factory foot bed and feature complete cleated openings and a covered rear suspension bracket.

The boards are easy to install and offer a clean factory-like appearance while eliminating the extra weight of snow buildup on the running boards.

Snowmobile Better Boards also claims that the new boards significantly strengthen the weak factory running boards.

The boards, which retail for $215 a set, are available in natural, black, blue, red, green and pink.

Contact Snowmobile Better Boards (877) 292-0635 or


Innovative Rear Bumpers

CoBe Motorsports has just released new rear bumpers for the Polaris IQ RMK, Pro RMK and Ski-Doo XP.

The bumpers are made from 6061-T6 aluminum and are anodized black. They feature an innovative lower snow flap bar which prevents the snow flap from interfering with the grab handle. This allows access to the bumper when the sled is stuck. The tubes are made from swaged aluminum and are bolted in for a modular design using stainless hardware. 

All CoBe Motorsports components are designed and engineered using the CAD, FEA for strength analysis and CNC machinery for tight quality control.

Contact CoBe Motorsports 

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