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HaberVision gogglesHaberVision, located in Golden, CO, was founded in 2005 by Steve Haber, who successfully built the reputable Bollé eyewear brand.

That fact in itself is solid testimony to the integrity in the HaberVision line of optics, including high-end sunglasses and goggles with a one-year warranty on craftsmanship and materials. A unique trait in response to the digital revolution, HaberVision products are offered exclusively on the internet, resulting in savings up to 50 percent from suggested retail without compromising quality and/or style.

Other unique and outstanding features of this brand include polarized lenses that reduce glare whether it is direct, reflected or redirected, along with the Haber Eliminator.

The Haber Eliminator was conceived and designed to address the pesky issue of fogging, which isn't just a bothersome issue while riding sometimes; fogging can also be a safety issue. The Haber Eliminator is a fan that helps eliminate fogging. HaberVision also puts a fogging treatment on the inner lens. The nifty Haber Eliminator is completely self-contained and fully automatic as it senses the rising humidity level inside the goggle before fog has the chance to form. Once a certain level is reached, a tiny fan is automatically activated, venting the warm/moist air out of the goggle. Once the humidity falls to an acceptable level, the fan shuts off, once again, conveniently and automatically.

Obviously, the harder you sweat, the harder the Eliminator is going to have to work to keep up. The Haber Eliminator has three settings or modes; 1) off; 2) always on; and 3) automatic (sensor activated). It is powered by one AAA battery and weighs less than two ounces, is reasonably unobtrusive to peripheral vision and relatively quiet . all of this per our personal experience.

Due to its modular design, the Eliminator is the epitome of versatile and can be inserted in all of the HaberVision goggles as well as many competitors' goggles. The Eliminator's affordable pricing offers performance and value to the market, especially when compared to the other fan-equipped goggles. It also holds bragging rights as the only stand-alone fan module available.

Our two test goggles were the MXT Eliminator Combo and Prima Eliminator Combo models. We like the MXT design as it is directed toward the motocross/snocross enthusiast with a wider, Protex high grade polymer frame construction, resulting in an awesome field of vision. It is available in four styles. This frame seals well with 3-layer face foam and an embroidered band with anti-slip beading on the inside. The lenses for this frame are limited to two colors: clear and Vermillion. They are constructed of impact-resistant Carbolite and have the tear-off posts attached. Our goggles were fitted with the thermal or double pane Vermillion, which proved to be a good all-arounder for multiple conditions.

The Prima model is also a big hit with us as this frame is an OTG (over the glasses) model offered in two styles, once again made from Protex with hinged band attachments while also providing a wide peripheral view with a larger volume inside the goggle. What we fell in love with concerning the Prima, are the polarized double lenses that are available for this frame. There are the Vermillion and Optic Orange versions. Our model had the Optic Orange lens with the blue mirror finish on the outside, nearly as hot as the brilliant orange tint that you look at the world through on the inside, enhancing and stimulating your visuals, allowing you to see conditions in a whole new light . and un-fogged.

With six models and at least two and as many as four different styles for some models, the probability of a HaberVision winter or motorsports goggle filling the bill for your needs is very good.


Highmarks include a high-quality product with a one-year limited guarantee, polarized lenses that really are a form (looking through it, not at it) of eye candy, and the Haber Eliminator anti-fogging module.


Tumbles include the fact that the polarized lenses are not available for all the models and the anti-slip beading on the back of the band is not available on all models. Other than those two relatively minor issues, we're very pleased with our goggles.

How To Get A Hold Of HaberVision Goggles

HaberVision goggles are offered at All prices are listed on the website as well.

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