Boost for the Doo

Turbo Performance's Ski-Doo Alternatives

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For a growing number of backcountry riders, 
boost is where the party's at. But fuel injection has 
been a limiting factor. Or so you thought.

Turbo Performance, a performance shop out of 
Roy, UT, builds specialized turbo kits for Ski-Doo 
sleds. Turbo Performance has build kits for the 
carbureted 800 twin for years, and this past season 
we spent some time on the snow with them with 
a 2009 Summit XP 800 turbo and a 1200 XR four-
stroke turbo. 

We met up at a remote location in the southern 
end of Wyoming's Salt River range on a cold day 
dotted with heaps of fresh, dry powder. Although it 
was 25 degrees below when we left the parking lot, 
the temps climbed as quickly as we did. After gaining 
a thousand feet of elevation, the temps were in 
the teens with sun shining on the untracked powder. 
It was a perfect day to see how these two Ski-Doo 
mods would rip.

Josh Kennedy and Bryce Kendrick spent a little 
time dialing the two sleds in for the conditions. It 
doesn't take much-the 800 XP turbo and 1200 XR 
four-stroke turbo are pretty easy to tune and make 
minor adjustments. We hit several good climbing 
spots and played around in the trees. The snow was 
perfect in the trees for challenging the power of a 
stock sled. The turbo Summit XP had no problem 
going up and around any part of the 

The Summit XP is a natural in the backcountry, 
and the Turbo Performance setup 
added to its mountain abilities. Turbo 
Performance added an Aerocharger 66 
turbo with a chrome charge tube and 
exhaust, plug and play electronics, boost 
and fuel pressure gauges, clutch components, 
a fuel pump and rising fuel pressure 
regulator, turbo-spec reeds, custom 
exhaust valve parts and silicone hoses 
with constant-tension clamps. 

For chassis modifications, the XP runs 
a 163-inch Camoplast Challenger with 
2.5-inch lugs, a Shockwave secondary 
clutch with Turbo Performance's own 
setup and gearing, and R&M Lightning 
Products' vents. 

The 1200XR was too much for tree riding, 
though Kennedy muscled it around 
anyway. It was built for a customer in 
western Canada, where the hills are 
long, straight and open. It has a Turbo 
Performance Stage 1 kit with a 174-inch 
track with 2.5-inch lugs. The sled is an 
absolute school bus right down to the 
color, but it hauls up the side of a mountain 
like a Ferrari on the Autobahn. 

The huge track wraps around an 
EZ-Ryde suspension and it all sits beneath 
a Van Amburg custom tunnel. A Rage 
IV primary and Shockwave secondary 
clutch handle the power delivery. Turbo 
Performance has its own clutching and 
gearing setups for these builds.

Turbo Performance uses R&M 
Lightning Products' vent kits to keep the 
big four-stroke motor cool.

The Stage 1 turbo kit puts out 260 
horsepower at 12 pounds of boost. It 
uses an Aerocharger 66 turbo, external 
fuel pump, fuel regulator and an Attitude 
fuel controller. The kit comes with the 
charge tube, intercooler, constant-tension 
clamps, boost and fuel pressure gauges, 
exhaust system, boost line and all necessary 

See more of Turbo Performance's creations 
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